Upcoming Events

  • Inner Guidance
    Fr., 07. Okt.
    Arrabacinha, Colos
    07. Okt., 16:00
    Arrabacinha, Colos, Portugal Alentejo
    Who guides you? Reconnect with your intuition, your inner voice and follow your own flow. The horses accompany you gently and clearly on y kiour journey to yourself. Dare to BE yourself and the magic and wisdom of the horse herd will support you.
  • Strengthen Relationship
    Fr., 04. Nov.
    Arrabacinha, Colos
    04. Nov., 15:00
    Arrabacinha, Colos, Arrabacinha, 7630-284 Colos, Portugal
    4. - 8. November 2022 Understanding, Clarifying and Deepening the horse human connection! This course offer is primaly aimed at people who own horses or have previous experience. We will develop creative solutions for a true, healthy and joyful coexistance.
  • In-depth training for Horse Asssisted Coaches and Therapists      21-25 Oktober 2022
    21. Okt. 2025, 16:00
    Arrabacinha, Colos, Portugal, Alentejo
    Juuna will introduce you to a new kind of healing work with horses. In the beautiful Alentejo wilderness, she takes you into her self determent herd that is strong, healthy and living their own rhythm. You can learn all about the wisdom of horses and gain inner freedom and sovereignity for your work