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Listening principles

I see you - I hear you - I get you

HorseListening follows a connection based way of being with the horses and life in general.

. Listening to them, seeing and understanding them allows us to connect deeply.

If we listen to horses, we are also invited to listen to ourselves.

The sience of feeling save (Polyvagal Theory) helps us to understand what our nervous system needs, so we can move out of our well known "stressfull to do mode" and come to a place inside, where we feel save, seen, heard & connected with life. The place where we tune into our "Homefrequency".



A natural drive to connect

We (humans & horses) as mamallian beings share a nervous system that has an innate drive to connect. Being able to connect with other beings and our natural surroundings makes us feel save & well. If we are hindered to be in connection, we suffer.

In a natural environment horses have the possibility to live in connection and through that they can support their human friends to heal their seperation, re-connect and find the way back home.



How to feel safe in a defensive world?

In the modern world, life for most people is stressfull and often overwhelming. Our nervous systems adapt to the constant stressors by holding us in an activation modus or shutting us off when it gets too much. Through the Polyvagal Theory we understand that there is a third option, which allows us to feel safe, present & grounded while being engaged with life.

We can re-connect with the wisdom of our bodies, get to know our autonomic nervous system and learn to release the stresses & tensions from our bodies & minds. Our bodies are designed to literally shake out tensions and by that activate our feeling save network. We drop into connection, feel our inner calm & centeredness. The place where our ability to listen to ourselves, others and our surrounding lives.


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