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The Herd

Currently 11 horses and 3 donkeys are building the overall herd. Diverse breeds and characters are forming a strong vessel to develop and give a safe space for each of them and the people who come to join. Their mission is to heal - this is why their came together in this community. 

In this big group they create smaller families by themselves, like wild living horses. The herd has the possibility to move on more than 200 ha  with diverse areas. Forest, open meadows, Eukalyptus and cork oaks creating a healthy and comprehensive habitat. 

The horses and donkeys are following the behavior of a wild herd within the structures, roles and rhythm.

This natural  way of living causes a relaxed and healthy nervoussystem for the herdmembers. Generally they are in their "homefrequency", which means their system realizes safety and is stable, relaxed and able to connect.  No stress or destroying and irritating energies are forcing them to react or protect. 

The fact, that this herd lives that natural frequency creates the space that the human  nervoussystem is resonnating and able to find the way to reconnect and integrate to their own "homefrequency". This is healing.

I am accompanying them closely without interfering their interactions. With observing and respecting their needs in cooperation with the needs and voice of the land, I am able to design a supportive grazing management. The herd has an important role in the regeneration process of Arrabacinha.

Training the horses individually, to keep them healthy and balanced, I am working with diverse techniques like body work (Horse Yoga, physiotherapeutic exercises, massage) from the ground, health supportive riding, energy work and lots of joy. This is necessary to lift them up into their highest potential, so each of them is open and willing for contact and creating a beautiful time.

The training and events go along with the rhythm of the horses in the different seasons. With this attitude they feel seen and appreciated so they are motivated and open to express their magical gifts.

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