HorseListening has the possibility to offer a diverse and colorful program for individual needs 

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Guidance and Inspiration

Individual support to connect with your inner source and strength. Meet your soul and intuition in a safe and unconditional space to empower yourself into your most beautiful picture.You want to clarify, give yourself orientation and get rid of the layers blocking your own development? Its time to live your truth! The horses and me will guide you through this space for around 90 min/session
I also offer couple counseling.


Training horses in a healthy and supportive way

Moving the horses in a healthy way means consciously supporting to improve their state of being (Body & Soul) and their potential. Train your horse happy!!!

The main focus in my training is connection- connection based training - which means for me, supporting the horses honest and authentic. No manipulation for example with control, food, pressure. The only possibility for me to be with the horses works in a full loving and appreciating space, listening, asking, offering. Building trust and connection which carries us in a powerful and beautiful relationship.

Education in many parts like from the ground, in the saddle, hoof care, physiotherapy exercises a.m...


Empowerment and Healing

I offer a safe space for connection, education, contemplation and personal development.
Diverse types of retreats and seminars serving different needs.
Please contact to design your individual setting and also check the events


Dive in and have a bath

We offer you the possibility to join the herd and receive the empowering energy of a horse community. Freedom, Peace, Strength and Harmony in between the wild nature of Alentejo. ENJOY!


Women & Horses

A vessel for the divine feminin

Leadership from your Oneness

How does it work? You already know.

As women we receive guidance. It flows through us.

It feels like it comes from our womb space, earthly and cosmic.

As cyclical beings we regularly experience different energies and fields of creativity.

Noticing these, breaking them down and living with them, dignifying your femininity and thereby coming into leadership, allow you to appear "serene".

You are the only one who knows what form this will take for you, "because only you have lived and experienced your story. Because you know yourself, know who you are, what you feel, what you do and why you do it". (Excerpt Nahuatl blessing). The horses and me will create a safe vessel for experiencing your female power and treasure. 

It is a joy when each one of you sets out to explore this very own form for yourself and the world, to show it to the world and to give it to it. Feminine guidance from wholeness, from your Oneness, is a going along with what is, every moment. And in doing so, to stumble sometimes, to turn your idea upside down, or to discard it, in order to let something completely different come into being. Honestly and with dignity.

Horses know . That is why they are wonderful masters at nudging you into your serenity.

Your guidance flowing through you will give you the right impulses - follow them!

  • This opened path will nourish you for any kind of alignment. The horses will mirror the transformation directly to you in their magical unconditional loving way...