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Alle Veranstaltungen finden in deutsch und englisch statt.
All events are held in english and german.

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Upcoming Events

  • Weiterbildung Coaches/Therapeuten  Further education for equine assisted healing
    02. März, 15:00 – 06. März, 15:00
    Arrabacinha, Colos, Portugal, Alentejo
    Juuna will introduce you to a unique healing work with horses. In the beautiful Alentejo wilderness, she takes you into her self determined herd. You learn about the wisdom of the herd and gain inner freedom and sovereignity for your work. What is your own way in the healing field of horses.
  • Mensch-Pferd-Beziehung      Strengthen Relationship
    Do., 13. Apr.
    Arrabacinha, Colos
    13. Apr., 15:00 – 17. Apr., 15:00
    Arrabacinha, Colos, Arrabacinha, 7630-284 Colos, Portugal
    Understanding, Clarifying and Deepening the horse human connection! This course offer is primaly aimed at people who own horses or have previous experience. We will develop creative solutions for a true, healthy and joyful coexistance.
  • Innere Führung - Inner Guidance
    27. Apr., 15:00 – 01. Mai, 15:00
    Colos, Arrabacinha, 7630-284 Colos, Portugal
    Connection - to yourself, nature and your inner guidance. What does that mean for you? What voice and feeling do you want to follow in your life? How to relieve your nervoussytem to find your "homefrequency", the state of safety and connection, the state of pure BEING.
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