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Joining the Herd

Individual Experience

We offer you an individual guided time in the field of the herd. Dive into this space beyond....

Experiencing and observing the natural being of a healthy community. See and feel the principles of life in nature.

If you love to be with horses in a natural way and want to learn from them - Join us!

Please contact for your individual wishes

We are also offering consultations and trainings  on your place with your horses

Coachings and Trainings

Healing Retreat

Individual settings

Non doing, Non wanting, Non knowing - BEING

A retreat for people who want to relieve, recover, recharge and reconnect.

No expectations and no concepts- peace, silence, deep bathing in nature, meeting your soul.

Acceptance, Transformation and Integration of what is alive in you and wants to be healed. 

Together we are creating the most beautiful picture to be in service for your needs and dreams.


  • 5 days retreat :  being in the herd around  3  hours per day,  individual coaching with Juuna    simple accomodation possible, self-catering        1000,00 

  • 7 days retreat:  being in the herd around 3 hours per day,,  exercises to release the nervoussystem, individual coaching with Juuna, contemplation, one zoom meeting before the retreat and one zoom meeting after when you are back home to integrate      simple accomodation, self-catering    1.350,00€

  • 2 weeks retreat : Give yourself a break! Time to release, to relax, charge and nourishing your system supported by the herd .        We develop an individual schedule to serve your healing and  transformation. Enough time to breathe out, enjoying the silence and the beauty of the place                                                              price depends on wished intensity  

  •  3 weeks retreat: Time to recover and recharge. This retreat is meant for people who wish a supported recovery time. Resting and healing in a nourishing and very concious field.     price depends on wished intensity                                             

The retreats can also be booked for a couple or if you want to come with friends. 




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