One to One Session

Individual Coaching

90 min coaching session with horses according to your individual needs 

We create a safe and supportive space for healing and development


Sitzung buchen

Healing Retreat

Individual settings

Non doing, Non wanting, non knowing - BEING

A retreat for people who want to relieve, recover and recharge.

No expectations and no concepts- silence, deep bathing in nature, meeting your soul.

Each day around 3 to 4 hours being with the herd including one to one sessions when needed.

Together we are creating the most beautiful picture to be in service for your needs and dreams.

The costs are depending on the duration and needs.

For example 4 days intense being with the herd and also coaching sessions with Juuna      1.250,00€

Sitzung buchen

Connection based Training

Education in a holistic and connected way

90 min training session with horses  according to the individual skills and needs


Sitzung buchen