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About Juuna

Since my early childhood I am with horses and participated in all kinds of horseworlds. Living together with them, growing together and being part of the herd, lead me to develop and express my mission. I invite people to discover the essence and magic the horses are bringing back to us.Horses in their unconditional presence serving the principle of communal life, carried by herd intelligence and nature designed holarchie. These amazing, wise beings are building the bridge, helping us to reconnect to our soul and spirit to free them, to find the key and finally enter our source -  our beautiful potential.​My intention is to create a safe and voluntary space for human and horses that both can develop, may reveal themselves and healing can happen.Being with horses is listening, feeling, intuition, concentration and relaxation. Exploring the essentials and being open to understand,  entering carefully the sacred space of the unconditional nature with deep questions and the attitude of marveling and touchability.​Empowering people and horses to get in contact with their own source and inner strength. Guiding them into harmony and inner peace.​Long years inspired by diverse equitation techniques, educated in many personality support/development practices, I evolved my own way of being a supportive guardian for horses and people.Conscious responsibility, attention and gratitude are the foundation on which at liberty and ease a trusting respect and a happy, profound and esteeming cooperation emerges.​In the last years I expanded my work with integrating a councious grazing management and land design / regeneration techniques to help shaping a healthy and powerful environment.

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